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Language of Nature


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      Language of Nature is an interactive web site based on the software developed by Tom Duncalf and designed by Face37 (Rick Banks) for their collaborative generative typography piece, published in the book "GraphicDesign&: Golden Meaning", which asked 55 creatives to respond to the theme of the Golden Ratio.

      For their response, Rick and Tom focussed upon the Fibonacci sequence, and explored how their respective specialisations of typography and software development could allow them to interpret the complexity described by the sequence and seen throughout nature.

      The final piece consists of a typographic layout, itself inspired by the digits of Pi and featuring a quote from the film of the same name, distored by custom software (developed using Processing). The software calculates the tens of thousands of possible intersecting lines from any two given points on each character's outline, then allows a chosen Fibonacci number of lines to be randomly selected from this set for each.

      This web site allows the user to create, share and export their own unique typographic layouts, and to explore the vast range of forms, ranging from abstract line structures to dense letterforms, generated by each Fibonacci number.


      Face37 is Rick Banks. London-based, award-winning designer, specialising in Branding, Graphic Design & Type Design.


      Tom Duncalf

      Tom Duncalf is a software engineer and web developer, with a particular interest in creative applications of web technology.